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Meet Alan


City of Fort Worth Councilmember Alan Blaylock is a dedicated community leader who has significantly contributed to his hometown, Fort Worth, Texas. In his short time as council member, he has achieved significant victories that have positively impacted the lives of families and businesses in the area. With an unwavering commitment to serving the public, Alan has personally addressed constituent concerns and continues to be a staunch advocate for the needs and well-being of those he serves.

A strong advocate for public safety, Alan has taken decisive actions to strengthen the Police and Fire departments. Alan voted to fund new positions and provide essential training to ensure the community's safety. Under his leadership, the number of unfilled public safety positions significantly decreased, contributing to a safer environment for residents. The Fort Worth Police Officers Association and the Fort Worth Professional Firefighters Association recognize Alan and endorse his initiatives.

Recognizing the burden of property taxes on Fort Worth taxpayers, Alan emerged as the leading proponent of responsible fiscal policies. As a council member, he has supported the "no new revenue rate," a crucial measure to prevent taxes from rising with appraisal values. His commitment to preserving and improving neighborhoods and infrastructure was evident in his efforts to revise Transportation Impact Fees, secure the establishment of the first H-E-B Grocery in Fort Worth, and pass the Short-Term Rental Ordinance to safeguard the community's residential areas. Alan continues to play an active role in Zoning. He diligently strives to maintain harmony between development projects and neighborhood interests.

Homelessness and city management are equally critical areas of focus for Alan. He secured substantial funding to enhance the city's capabilities and staff in addressing homelessness and its associated challenges, including panhandling. His efforts to implement measures, such as "no panhandling" signs, the Shopping Cart Ordinance, and the purchase of street sweepers, reflect his commitment to maintaining a clean and safe city.

Before being elected into office, Alan served as Senior Product Manager at Nokia for several years, previously holding Lead Software Developer and Project Manager positions at Owen Oil Tools.

As a family man deeply connected to Fort Worth, Alan's love for the city is evident in his actions and decisions as a city council member. He prioritizes delivering tangible results rather than engaging in political grandstanding. His business insight enables him to cut wasteful spending and identify efficiencies, ensuring taxpayer money is utilized effectively without compromising essential city services. Alan is committed to improving the quality of life for his constituents, focusing on infrastructure and roads, public safety, and lowering taxes.

Alan and his wife, Mindy, are proud parents of two daughters and active supporters of The Children's Miracle Network and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


Alan has a record of community service, participating in the following:

  • Heritage Homeowners Association Board

  • Crime Control and Prevention District Advisory Committee

  • Public Improvement District Advisory Committee

  • Arts Council of Fort Worth Advisory Committee

  • Eagle Ridge Elementary Parent Teacher Board (PTA)

  • Foundation of a Regional Youth Swim Team


Currently, he holds positions on several vital committees and boards within the City of Fort Worth:

  • CFW – Audit: Chair

  • CFW – Mobility: Infrastructure & Transportation: Member

  • RTC – Regional Transportation Council: Member

  • CFW – Research & Innovation Local Government Corp.: Board of Directors

  • CFW – Fort Worth Local Development Corporation: Board of Directors, Vice President

  • CFW – Central City Local Government Corporation: Board of Trustees

  • CFW – Lone Star Local Government Corporation: Board of Directors, Vice President

  • CFW – Fort Worth Housing Finance Corporation: Board of Directors, Director

  • CFW – Crime Control & Prevention Board: Board of Directors


Furthermore, Alan is actively involved in several Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIFs) and continues to lead Public Improvement Districts (PIDs), holding the following positions:

  • TIF 2 (The Speedway): Chair

  • TIF 10 (Lonestar): Vice Chair

  • PID 7 (Heritage): Currently, ex officio member (Advisory Board President) serving in the role in overseeing and supporting the functions of the PID for the benefit of the community.

As a fiscally responsible and community-oriented leader, Councilmember Blaylock leads oversight responsibilities for financial matters, while remaining dedicated to ensuring Fort Worth's improvement and its residents' overall well-being.

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