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In just 9 months, Alan secured major victories for the communities of Northern Fort Worth. He personally handled thousands of constituent concerns and will continue to fight for the needs of our families.
Public Safety
  • Funded over 80 new positions and training for Police and Fire

  • Saw unfilled public safety positions decrease by almost 100

  • Received an endorsement from Fort Worth Police Officers Association and Fort Worth Professional Firefighters Association


Property Taxes
  • Strongest advocate for Fort Worth taxpayers

  • The only council member to support the "no new revenue rate", an effort to prevent your taxes from rising with your appraisal value


Preserving & Improving Neighborhoods and Infrastructure
  • Revised Transportation Impact Fees to better fund our roads

  • Helped bring the first H-E-B Grocery to Fort Worth

  • Passed the Short Term Rental Ordinance to protect our neighborhoods

  • Handled numerous zoning changes requests to ensure development was compatible with our neighborhoods


Homelessness & City Management
  • Funded a dramatic increase in capability and staff to address homeless camps, panhandling, and more

  • Funded more crews and street sweepers to deal with litter throughout the city 

  • Added numerous "no panhandling" signs, to allow for possible citation

  • Championed and passed the Shopping Cart Ordinance

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